In functional terms, Insite presents itself organized as follows:



In order to honour its commitments to its customers, creating value and trust, InSite has established the following principles of action:

Focusing on quality and excellence in providing services to organizations and continuously improve the performance of the Organization;

Ensure a personalized support to customers with a view to meeting and exceeding their expectations;

Promote the development and ongoing training of employees to ensure that all services are undertaken by competent and responsible professionals.

As a result of the implementation of its strategy, InSite currently operates in different market segments, providing services to a wide range of clients, who have expressed their satisfaction and recommend the company to their peers, thereby contributing to the development and growth of the brand.

In its customer's universe, Insite has successfully completed a Certification and / or Accreditation of 56% of customers.

Currently, in the area of management systems, the Insite supported the implementation in Mozambique of the following international standards:

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