“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together!”

SERVTEC INTERNATIONAL GROUP was created in 2002, with the foundation of its first subsidiary in the Republic of Congo in Pointe Noire.


Today, SERVTEC INTERNATIONAL GROUP is present in thirteen countries (France, Mauritania, Congo, DRC, Senegal, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, South Sudan, Qatar, Philippines and Mozambique) and continues its development to better serve its customers.


In Mozambique, Servtec Internacional is present through Servtec-SBM, which focuses its activity on the provision of Human Resource Management services, and recently formalized a partnership with InSite for the joint provision of HSE and emergency response Training.


TXUNAMoz is the meeting point between investors and dedicated professionals ready to respond to the challenges of their customers and partners. TXUNAMoz's experienced and dynamic team of consultants is able to design, manage and implement Local Content Development projects aimed at the areas of Entrepreneurship, Gender Equality and Development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Regarding the Development of SMEs, TXUNAMoz is focused on offering innovative Management solutions in three areas: Finance, People (Internal and External) and Operations.


InSite offers TXUNAMoz Customers special conditions for access to training and consultancy services in the implementation of management systems certified by international standards, so that they can qualify to operate in the most demanding markets.


Local SME Development program established in the scope of Government Policies for promoting local content development.

Neovis Consulting, founded in Mozambique and headquartered in Maputo, offers skills in Strategy, Human Capital, Business Transformation, Technology and Operations. Neovis Consulting is fully dedicated to the provision of professional Management Consulting services. Our mission is to support people and organizations to maximize their performance and achieve lasting results. At Neovis we create multidisciplinary teams to envision, define and implement customized solutions for our clients and partners. We always aim to exceed our proposed objectives. Our service offering represents our current model of integrated solutions to convert customer objectives, challenges and requirements into tangible results.


For more information regarding Neovis and our services please visit our website www.neovisconsulting.co.mz

CDI promotes the excellence of organizations through its MDW program (Mission Directed Program), that takes the best working and leadership practices to the front line. Its program helps companies to have an efficient organization based on team working.

5002&Beyond is an advertising agency that aims at challenging the market to think and communicate in a different way.

5002 offers InSite Clients privileged conditions of access to its services, helping your business to win in a market where an image worth more than 5002 words.

5002 offers InSite Clients privileged conditions of access to its advertising services, helping your business to win in a market where an image worth more than 5002 words.


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